An investment course for beginners and beyond
Get the exact step-by-step blueprint I use to build my own portfolio and help my clients overcome their fear to invest with confidence the first time and every time. In less than 30 days you could be watching your own money grow, knowing that you're one step closer to financial freedom. 
Just $497 $37 for a limited time during this global crisis. 
Every single person I work with already has the desire to invest. They just don't know where to begin. Does that sound like you?

What if I told you that just 30 days from now you would be able to log into your account to see your investments growing, thriving, and increasing your wealth. 

Something you've been wanting to do could finally be something you actually did... while you begin reaping the benefits of making your money work for you. And once you get the courage to start, you'll get addicted to watching your money grow.  
How Do I Help Hundreds of People Confidently Invest For The First Time?  
At least, that's what happened to me. I started investing when I was about 18 as a college student off the strength of my professors urgent recommendation. He showed the class what it would cost us if we waited... and being the person I am, I naturally took action that same night. 

I was terrified and didn’t have much money… so I started with just $50. The more I did it, the more I started to see my investment grow. And that's how I became obsessed with investing instead of just saving.

Pretty soon, I was investing any money I could get my hands on. From there I was able to purchase my first rental, quit my job, and make an entire company around helping others achieve financial freedom. 
My first investment property!! Paid all cash for it and bought it primarily using money I made investing.
The inside was gross! My family (i.e my mom!) helped me clean it.
I help people realize that if I can do this as young girl who grew up poor on the south side of Chicago, you can do it too. 
Tap Into The Power of The Stock Market and Stop Letting Money Pass You By.   
Basically, if you had invested $1000 in Amazon when it first came out in 1997 you'd have $495,514 now. What company will be the next Amazon?
I don't want you to sit by and let other people benefit from something while you continue to hang on the sidelines waiting for "someday" and spending your money. 

I'm not saying you're going to be making thousands of dollars every day like those screenshots you see on social media. 

But I am saying this one little course has the power to change your financial future with very little work and in less than 30 days.

All you have to do is follow the steps. 
When I first started investing I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, for those first six months I just kept investing without even looking at the value of my money once! 

But soon, I started looking... and the money started growing exponentially. I was able to use it to 
quit my job and start a business that gives me time freedom, location freedom, and the ability to live the life that I want on my own terms. 

We're not gambling here. 

Instead, we're using fundamental investment principles mixed with cutting edge strategies to help you get closer and closer to your goal of being able to experience the freedom I enjoy everyday. 
You'd do what you do now... but without guilt or stress.
Your money would actually be working for you.
You'd be able to retire like the old white men do. (Yeah, I said it.)
You would definitely travel more often. (When we can!)
You would have assets to show for all of your hard work. 
You'd be more confident about building your financial future. 
You'd finally stop trying to pay off your loans with your income alone. 
I've been able to quit my job, take a year off from working, buy property, pay off my car, travel often, and so much more... all because I started investing when I was 18. 
Your dream, your goals, and your life will get bigger
What would life be like if you stopped wanting to invest and ACTUALLY did it?
You won't make hundreds of dollars everyday, but numbers like this got me excited in the beginning. 
Do you ever wonder why most people you know in real life don't invest even though theoretically, they could?

It's because they fear what they don't understand. They let fear and complacency keep them stuck inside of their comfort zone. 

But not me. 

When I started investing my parents didn't even have so much as a savings account and I knew nothing about it.

So you may not have the knowledge, the skills, or the confidence to invest right now, but that's not an excuse. 

Because here's the secret: Everything is figureoutable... especially when you have someone who can help you figure it out. 
This Is Your Chance to Swipe My Exact Investments While Also Learning How to Create Your Own  Profitable Portfolios That Will Potentially Generate Money For The Rest of Your Life.
I've Made It Easier Than Ever For You to Start Investing with a Proven Blueprint That Will Get You Going In Less Than 30 Days. 
Not everyone knows this, but I started my career in Corporate America managing hundred million dollar budgets for some of the biggest brands in the world. And for almost 10 years, I've been helping people take control of their finances to achieve financial freedom. 

I charge clients thousands of dollars to produce results that I put my word on the line for. Together, my team and I are responsible for helping our clients successfully invest hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Aspiring investors may not be able to start there... but you can get started with this blueprint. 

With our Stock Market Mastery program I've broken it down into simple modules that anyone can follow on their own, to start investing right away... whether you have $1, $1,000 or $10,000! 

When you enroll, you get instant access to:

The principles and strategies you learn here in this module will make you money for the rest of your life. 
This comprehensive blueprint includes everything you need to become a confident investor in 30 days or less without all the extra fluff. 

I'll show you how to research stocks, pick your faves, and start investing sooner rather than later. 
The 30 Day Investment Blueprint
(Value: $997)
You'll get access to 10 of our favorite investment funds and if you don't want to pick, we'll give you some suggestions. 

Our plug and play approach makes it so simple that reading and using apps on your phone are the only skills you need to get started. Doing while learning will solidify your long term success and mastery. 
While Stock Market Mastery is our overall goal, there is also something for those who like to move lightning fast. 

Instead of waiting 30 days, use the Instant Investor Swipe File to get started right now. 
The Instant Investor Swipe File
(Value: $997)
This strategy was a major key in helping me build a five figure portfolio
For most people, investing can be scary and intimidating. Like, what the heck is going to happen when you hit that buy button? I get it.

Our Incremental Risk Formula takes all the fear out of the equation so that you are excited and eager to invest even more every single month.
The Incremental Risk Formula
(Value: $497)
Without unnecessary details clouding your judgement, you'll be able to move forward with clarity and courage in every single investment decision. 

After using it about 20 times or so, you'll know exactly what to look for. 
Becoming an investor or expanding your investments is not just about taking action. It's about taking the right action without having to second guess yourself. 

That's where the checklist comes in. This play by play 10-point checklist will help you get right to the heart of the matter when it comes to making decisions.
Invest for Success Checklist
(Value: $97)
I'm going to make this program 100% fail-proof by recording videos that literally walk you through each module, holding your hand and showing you exactly what to do. 
And That's Not All...
(Value: $1997)
Stock Market Mastery On Demand Video Training
Let me walk you through your investment journey step by step so that you know exactly what to do.
30 Day Investment Blueprint
Video Training 1
Our swipe file allows you to make super quick investment choices, and I'll show you one way to make it even faster.
Instant Investor Swipe File
Video Training 2
I'll show you exactly how the Incremental Risk Formula helped me turn my first investment into a five figure portfolio.
Incremental Risk Formula
Video Training 3
This checklist is going to boost your investment confidence through the roof because you'll know exactly what you're looking for.
Invest for Success Checklist
Video Training 4
What happens when you complete the course, you're a confident investor, and you have a better understanding of what you're doing? It'll be time for you to take the next step. So, I'm including 3 bonus ebooks to help you do that. 
PLUS... Next Step Bonuses
(Value: $97)
The Total Value of Stock Market Mastery is over $4,000. But the real question is... how much is it worth to your future?

This course has been designed based on the methods I use in my $1,000+ investment program. 

I decided to sell the Stock Market Mastery Program for a fraction of that, at $497. 
Total Value: $4,682.00
But, if you get it during the chaos of Covid-19, you can grab it for ...
ONLY $37
During Covid-Crisis
Price subject to go up without warning.
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
I am so confident in the material in this course that I'm offering a no questions asked money-back guarantee. 

If you're a scammer, go away. 

But if you genuinely don't think this is worth your investment, get your money back with no stress involved. 
Day Satisfaction
Money Back
to Lose
"I know 100% more about stocks than I did before this course and I've invested my first $1K."

- Tiffany A.
"This is such a cool way to learn about the stock market. I was afraid. And I bought it anyway. It's shown me that investing is possible for a novice like me."

- Chianti C.
"Listen, the Stock Market Mastery Course is unlike ALOT of these courses out there. It's no fluff, no BS, it's understandable. So worth the investment ."

-Cayden M.
Jasmine started working with us October of 2019 because she wanted to become a confident investor. 

As one of our youngest clients, she had never invested before and didn't know where to begin. 

She had already looked up information online and found several videos and articles to help her out,  but she didn't want to invest her hard earned money based on random information she had found online. 

She started our Stock Market Mastery Program to help her understand the market and how investing works. 

After her first month, Jasmine developed her own investment philosophy and presented it to her coach. In the second month she selected and reviewed her top 5 favorites and In less than 90 days she had invested over $1000. 

Since then, Jasmine has continued to invest month after month and is on target to max out her roth IRA within the year. 

After she completed the program we used her results and feedback to condense the results timeline from 90 to 30 days.
Case Study 1: Jasmine invests for the first time...
In February of 2020 we started working with an incredibly ambitious client named Cameron. 

Cameron was making fairly decent money and was already investing large sums of money because he knew that he wanted his money to work for him. 

When we started working with Cameron, the first thing we did was review his current investments before having him build an entirely new portfolio. 

We found out that over 70% of his investments were inside of his lowest performing funds, meaning that he was missing out on thousands of dollars every year. 

Using our Invest for Success Checklist, Cameron was able to reallocate his portfolio to make sure it was optimized for high growth performance. 

This one change is going to put money in his pocket every single year. 

This course is designed to prevent you from making this mistake from the very beginning. 
Case Study 2: Cameron expands his portfolio and makes more money...
In January of this year we had the pleasure of working with a client named Christina. 

Christina was in her 30s and had never invested because she was too afraid of losing money. 

We all know that you can lose money but as the saying goes, "no risk, no reward."

In order to help Christina overcome her fear of investing we used the Incremental Risk Formula, which is what I myself used to get started when I was younger. 

The first, second, and third weeks were all about observation while every week after that was about increase. 

By the time Christina left our program she had invested over $500 with a month to month plan to invest more.  

Christina took the first step and overcame here fear. She continues to invest money every month and let's the market handle the rest. 
Case Study 3: Christine Was Scared to Start... But She Did It Anyway
**Please Note: In these case studies, names have been changed. These case studies are from our one-on-one investment program (that is MUCH more expensive) that has been distilled in true form to create the Stock Market Mastery Course. 
ONLY $37
During Covid-Crisis
Price subject to go back up without warning.
Latasha Kinnard is from the southside of Chicago where she learned to create financial freedom from scratch. Tasha began her career in corporate America managing 100 million dollar budgets for some of the biggest brands in the world. Now she uses her skills and experience to help everyday people live an amazing financially free life!
Are you ready to upgrade your lifestyle and next level your wealth as a master investor? Let's do it!
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